Temple Sinai and Coronavirus

We have set up a page/blog so our members and families can keep up with our latest thinking, cancellations and schedule changes as part of Temple Sinai’s response to Coronavirus 2019. Also included are links to numerous resources at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
As the situation and our recommendations change, posts will be added to the Alerts page.


While Temple Sinai’s building is closed to protect the safety of our community, we will be using ZOOM web conferencing for worship services, classes, and meetings. You can still contact us by phone and email. Check the newsletter and upcoming events below for the links to join events.

Reprise: Anti-Semitism Class

David Edleson portraitAnti-Semitism

What is it?

Where does it come from?

What do we do about it?

A four-part class with Rabbi David Edleson.

Are you interested in learning more about the sources, causes and history of anti-Semitism, and to better understanding some of the events happening around us?

In this class, we will explore anti-Semitism in early writings of Christianity, in medieval literature, and in modern times. 


Learn More!

JCVT Summit 2020 logo

Jewish Communities of Vermont
Virtual Summit and Shavu’ot Celebration 

May 28 – 30 – Everywhere!

Jewish Communities throughout Vermont are offering a collective festival during Shavuot that brings hope, resilience, and state-wide connection.

Live Virtual “Jewgrass” Concert with Nefesh Mountain

Musical Services

Nature Activities

A variety of classes, from cooking to art to Torah

Online and nature activities offered throughout the holiday are open to all—come for all or part, download activities and don’t miss the special featured concert with Nefesh Mountain Saturday night on Facebook live. 

Learn More on the JCVT Website

Virtual Healing Circles


Wednesdays at 12:30 pm

We have adjusted the schedule of our weekly healing circles, eliminating the Monday evening circle. We will continue to meet on Wednesdays at 12:30.

These are 30 minute opportunities for sharing people we are concerned about, with a few readings, prayers and chants for healing. Your short readings/ poems are welcome.

ZOOM in on WEDNESDAYS at 12:30

Newly added!

Read the latest updates to Jan Orlansky’s Getting to Know You profiles of Temple Sinai members. Several “blast from the past” interviews have been posted. See them all on the Getting To Know You page.

Quick Links


Upcoming Services (May 22-23)*via ZOOM logo




Join us to welcome the Sabbath online! Our Kabbalat Shabbat service is filled with music, prayer, and reflection on this week’s Torah portion.

New Music – Y’hiyu L’ratzon by Lucy Greenbaum

View/download the service we’ve been using. (PDF)

Connect a few minutes prior to our start time to make sure everything is working.

Join Us to Welcome Shabbat!


Immediately following our Kabbalat service, remain online for Kiddush and Oneg Shabbat. You’ll have to provide your own wine, Challah and snacks!



Get online for a one-hour, chanted virtual service, mostly in Hebrew, with a focus on the “greatest hits” of Shabbat Shacharit services. It is a great way to get to know the service and start your day.

Plan to join our ZOOM session a few minutes prior to start time. You may be put into a virtual “waiting room” until the Rabbi opens the meeting.

Join Us Online 9:20 or later


Our online Torah Study (provide your own bagels/donuts and coffee!) will immediately follow morning service at about 10:30 a.m., and go until noonish.

We are combining our morning Shacharit Service and Torah Study into a single ZOOM meeting, so if you attend service, there is no need to reconnect for Torah Study.

Ezekiel Saw The Wheel – This week, we will focus on the haftarah for Shavu’ot, Ezekiel 1, which offers a mystical perspective on revelation, and is read alongside the Ten Commandments. We’ll consider its meaning, what scholars and rabbis say, and consider the role of this passage in Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah.

Read the Haftarah text (Hebrew and English) – Ezekiel 1

Join Us for the Haftarah Study (if you’re not already online)


VIRTUAL HAVDALAH – 8:00 pm via Facebook Live   Facebook Live logo

Join Rabbi Edleson and Tim for a short Havdalah service and counting of the Omer. Then jump over to Ohavi Zedek’s virtual Havdalah and Coffee House for a relaxed evening of music.

Our Havdalah service will be shared via Facebook Live, NOT ZOOM. Join us from home by visiting our Facebook page! 

Join Us on Facebook Live to bid farewell to Shabbat


Sunday – Special Rosh Chodesh Event!


RuthThe Book of Ruth, traditionally read on Shavu’ot, is one of the key examples of women-centered literature in the Hebrew Bible. The story of Ruth, Naomi and their unbreakable bond has inspired for millennia,and the book also carries a powerful message of inclusion across borders and between peoples. After a day hiking or gardening, make yourself a cup of tea, or a G&T In honor of the new moon of Sivan and Shavuot, we’ll have a cup of tea, or a G&T, and read the Book of Ruth, and reflect on its art and meaning. Relax, listen to the story, and reflect on the meaning of friendship and connection at this time of physical distance.

Read the Text – English and Hebrew  Join Us Online at 5:00 PM

Upcoming Events

  1. Mon 25
  2. Wed 27

    Jewish History Study Group

    An online exploration of Jewish History
    May 27 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  3. Wed 27

    Virtual Jewish History Group

    Please contact us for more information
    May 27 @ 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
  4. Fri 29
  5. Fri 29
  6. Fri 29

    Virtual Shabbat Service and Discussion

    Stacie Gabert is inviting you to
    May 29 @ 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Free Rides to and from TempleChaverim has you covered!

Need help during the COVID-19 crisis? If you need assistance with shopping, household repairs, pet care, etc., please contact our Chaverim Committee, and we’ll try to help you out with .

Want to help people in our community who are sheltering or need help? Please let the Chaverim Committee know that you are available to help people in your area.

Contact Chaverim

confused man clipartSmall Business Owner?

Dealing with COVID-19?

Are you concerned about whether your small business can survive the COVID crisis? Do you have questions about financial steps you can take to address your business’ situation?

If so, the SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, can help. SCORE provides education and mentoring to business owners free of charge. If you are interested, Steve Greenfield is a certified SCORE mentor and will be happy to speak with you.

Email Steve!

Social Action Opportunities

Your Social Action Committee is developing a list of important volunteer activities. This list will be updated on a regular basis and will always be available on the Tikkun Olam-Social Action webpage.

Repair the World!