Winter is Coming

The leaves have turned and fallen from the trees. My neighbors and I are readying our homes for winter, cover the barbeque and store the lawn furniture, clean out the flower beds, button up the house. Soon winter will be upon us. I don’t see my neighbors much in winter. Running from warm car to warm house in sub-zero temperatures we barely have time to exchange a quick hello. In northern New England it would seem that even we humans go into something of semi-hibernation.

However we are not bears. Fighting back against the dark and cold and the overwhelming desire to just stay in we venture out, to the slopes, the gym, the holiday parties, the public school concerts and yes even the synagogue.

Much is going on at Temple. Each week when you receive your electronic update you’ll see just how much. There are adult classes, guest speakers, Sisterhood events, Brotherhood events, Story Hour for toddlers and the list of events goes on and on. Please don’t hibernate! Come to Temple where it’s always warm and friendly.

All the best, Rabbi

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