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About our Religious School Program

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This past year, our school used ShalomLearning’s values based curriculum and Hebrew program in grades K-7.  This award-winning program was developed by a team of Jewish and secular educators and curriculum developers. Our school is among 120 partner synagogues making Jewish education more engaging and relevant for our students.

The ShalomLearning values-based curriculum explores seven Jewish values and their relevance in our everyday lives. Students will learn to use Jewish culture, holidays, text, history, and traditions to make responsible decisions and build positive relationships.

Seven Jewish Values

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Using the ShalomLearning Hebrew program, we will teach your children to read Hebrew, chant prayers, and understand their meaning. At home, your child can log into the ShalomLearning portal to practice reading and prayers. 

Learning together in a virtual classroom, students will see and interact with each other in a real-time, teacher-led class.  By being able to log in from home (or anywhere), students understand that learning and Judaism happens everywhere, not just in the Religious School.

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If you have questions about how our school is implementing the program please contact Interim Education Director Aimee Loiter. We look forward to a wonderful new school year and a productive partnership with ShalomLearning.

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