We’re Going to Israel

Let’s Go To Israel
On the evening of August 6th a group of members gathered to plan a congregational trip to Israel. For some this would be their first visit to Israel; for others it would be a homecoming of sorts. Still be it a first time or just one more after many there was a tangible sense of excitement.
Israel is an exciting place to visit yet at the same time there is a strong sense of “being at home.” During our planning discussion some basic concepts were agreed upon.
They were:
Winter Break of 2015 (over school vacation in 2015) would be a good time to travel.
Our trip should be a minimum of 10 days (this would include travel days).
Three star hotels would be sufficient.
During our trip it would be good to have opportunities to meet with local people.
Having agreed upon these basic concepts it would now be my task to contact experienced and respected travel agencies to determine availability and price. December 2015 gives us ample opportunity to consider well all our options. 
If you were unable to attend our planning meeting on August 6th and are interested in participating please contact me. We are only beginning the process and there is ample room! In the coming months I’ll be posting more information about this exciting venture.
Wishing you all good things, 
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