We are Blessed

Shalom. Winter is now upon us with freezing cold, abundant snow and the darkest of days. This can be an isolating time of the year for many. For several years members of Temple Sinai have broken through the cold and the dark to bring light and hope to the lives of others on Christmas Day. Christmas Day is when our community assumes the responsibility of delivering food and gifts to the needy on behalf of Meals on Wheels and its volunteers.

For more than a decade many of our families gather in the Burlington High School cafeteria on Christmas morning. There food is prepared and packaged along with appropriate gifts for both men and women. Each team of volunteers gathers its assigned packages and receives its list of recipients and addresses. Then off we go.

The mitzvah performed not only benefits the recipient it also benefits those who are performing it. We learn of the importance of supporting those in need. We learn how blessed we are. We learn humility. We learn gratefulness.

This year the delivery is being organized by temple member, David Chafetz. Many thanks David!

In Peace,


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