Tzedakah Grants

Temple Sinai welcomes all Jews in the community for membership, regardless of ability to contribute to the financial support of Temple. We have developed a Tzedakah policy to foster an equitable and confidential mechanism whereby those unable to pay the full dues assessment may request consideration for reduced dues. While recognizing the need for dues adjustment, we do need to fund and support the following:

  • A Rabbi
  • A Synagogue
  • A Religious School
  • A Library
  • A Temple Administrator
  • Activities/Events/Programs
  • Music

After much study and experience, the Temple Sinai Board has developed a basis to apportion the cost of maintaining our religious community fairly among all of our members. We do this by basing all dues adjustments on one’s ability to pay.

If you wish to request a dues reduction, please complete this form. You will receive an email response indicating your new dues commitment once the Tzedakah grant has been approved.

Approved Tzedakah grants are in effect for one year and must be renewed annually. In addition, while building fund commitments may be deferred to future periods, they are not subject to adjustment through Tzedakah.

Link to Tzedakah Form

All payment plans must be in place by April 15th each year.