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Along with our return to physical presence at Temple Sinai, we will continue using the online meeting tools from ZOOM for multi-access to online meetings and classes.

Please consult our Phased Reopening Guidelines for specifics about our return to Temple Sinai facilities.

Read more or jump to a Quick Start video to get yourself up and running!

ZOOM is a provider of Internet-based web conferencing. Simply put, it allows people to gather online in a way that they can see and interact with each other, view and share materials and presentations, even share their computer screens, almost as if they were all together in a physical room together. People can raise their hands, be recognized by the leader (called the “host”), send text messages to the entire group or individual attendees, and more.


Every Temple Sinai event that uses ZOOM will have a unique link associated with that event. Check the weekly newsletter, website calendar, or home page for the ZOOM links you need to attend a particular event.

Below, you will find links to videos, documents, and Zoom’s test meeting page so you can learn more about Zoom, set up your own computer or other device to participate in Zoom meetings, and try it out live. If you already have some familiarity with web conferencing, but have not used ZOOM, scroll down to the Quick Start Video.

Again, to attend meetings and classes that Temple Sinai conducts via Zoom, you DO NOT need to establish a Zoom account of your own. We will provide links that allow you to join your meeting or class, either via the website or by direct emails to participants. Only the meeting host/leader will need to log in to the Temple’s ZOOM account to set up a meeting. Contact the Temple administrator about leading a meeting.

When you join a Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to download a small program that establishes communications with your device and the Zoom meeting you are joining. You have the option of using your computer’s microphone and speakers, or you can dial in using your phone. If you plan to use your phone, establish your video connection FIRST, then dial in. This allows ZOOM to connect your phone call to the proper video stream.

The Zoom Help Center for a comprehensive list of helpful information, or click the following links:

NOTE: Most of these links will open a new tab or window in your browser. You will not lose your page here on the Temple Sinai website, and should return here when you close the new tab or window.

  • Getting Started – Get up and running with Zoom on Windows or Mac PCs, or mobile devices, and attend recorded and live tutorials.
  • Joining a Test Meeting – Familiarize yourself with Zoom and test your microphone/speakers before joining an actual meeting. You can also test your video and audio while in a Zoom meeting. Dial-in by phone is not supported for this test, unless you are using ZOOM mobile.
  • Training Resources – Live training webinars, recorded tutorials, and more.
  • Teaching with ZOOM – A PDF with lots of tips and tricks for using ZOOM for teaching. Also good tips for managing meetings!


If you find some particularly good resources, let us know.

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