Thank You for Your Patience…

For some time communications from Temple have come via the internet (weekly updates, emails and our web-site).  The Shofar has been incorporated into the weekly update and “click throughs” within the update transport us to the appropriate page in the congregational web-site.Initially some people were put off by the change from paper mailings to electronic ones.  However due to the enormous expense associated with paper mailings the Temple Board decided electronic mailings would be the general means of communicating information to the congregation.

Change is never easy yet I am pleased to share that over the course of the past year more and more of our congregants have embraced electronic communications. Readership has increased by fifty percent and “click throughs” have increased by thirty percent.  This acceptance of our financial reality is heartening and for that I am grateful. 

For those members who are not equipped to receive electronic mailings the Temple Office is ready to forward hard copies.

More than the financial benefit to Temple is the environmental benefit. Reams and reams of paper are being saved. A sixteen page newsletter sent to 350 homes twelve times a year constitutes 33,600 sheets of paper or 67.5 reams (more paper than the Temple office uses in an entire year). This is something we can certainly be proud of.

I know change can often be uncomfortable and that change for change sake is often done with little forethought. Yet much thought went into this decision and much benefit has already been forthcoming as a result. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your thoughts and responses are always welcomed and appreciated.

In Peace, Rabbi James S. Glazier

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