Shalom and Happy New Year!

Rabbi-at-kids-servicesIf you’ve arrived at my blog via Temple Sinai’s website you couldn’t help but notice the page’s wonderful new design. Over the course of this past summer Kate Wolinsky, graphic designer extraordinaire, redesigned the congregational website with new pictures, beautiful graphics, pull down tabs, up-to-date calendars and new information. Many thanks are due for her outstanding work.

Our web page is of critical importance for those interested in our congregation. For those interested in membership, for those who are interested in our programming and for those who wish to know more about the tenets of Reform Judaism the newly designed web-site is a vital source of continuing information.

The site is still under construction and more work needs to be completed however it is a vast improvement over what we had previously presented. I invite you to wander through the site and if so moved share with us your impressions. What works, what still needs attention, what would you add, what would you remove?

Simchat Torah Services

On a different note this coming Sunday night is Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah. Our newest religious school students will be consecrated, the Torahs will be marched and a pot luck dinner will be served. Please come and join in the festivities.

Happy Sukkot,