New Member Ambassadors Program Begins | Welcome to Temple Sinai

Untitled-1New members won’t feel like “strangers in the land of Egypt” when they walk into Temple Sinai. In January, the Temple will launch a “New Member Ambassadors” program, connecting existing members with new members so they can more quickly become a part of the Temple Sinai family.

“We are very excited about this program and have great expectations that it will help new members integrate into our Temple community,” said Patty Greenfield, Membership Services Coordinator. “People actively involved in the congregation enjoy their affiliation more and are more likely to remain members for a longer period of time.”

First, each of the New Ambassadors will be matched with two or three new members who have similar interests and backgrounds. Then, each Ambassador will regularly contact their assigned new members, inviting them to participate in Temple life, welcoming them at services and events, and educating them about committees, classes and activities.

We want Temple Sinai to be a warm, friendly and welcoming community for new members.

There will be two ways to judge the program’s success: feedback from new members that they are feeling comfortable and welcome, and by having new members participating in Temple events.

The only requirement to become an Ambassador is a positive feeling about the congregation and the willingness to share that feeling with a new member. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact Patty Greenfield.

Here is a list of our first Ambassadors:

Kim Dauerman | Nancy Rondeau | Jennifer Levy
Linda and Dean Snider | Dianne Schreer | Claudia Berger

Thank you for volunteering!!



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