Temple Sinai exists only through the generosity our members and friends. Through your giving, we are able to provide education, community service and special programs, as well as continue to expand and enhance our core services.

Easy ways to support Temple Sinai

Donate Online

Direct donations to Temple Sinai and various charitable funds can be made online, via PayPal or using our secure ShulCloud member portal. Using either of these online systems, you may optionally designate a fund to which your donation will be applied. Love the music? Direct your donation to the Music/Technology Fund. Help the Rabbi realize his goals? Designate your donation for the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.


Especially convenient for our members, and also available to non-members. When you donate via the ShulCloud member portal, you may designate a fund for your donation by selecting from a menu of choices. Or, let us put your donation to use where it is most needed at a given time.

Open the ShulCloud Member Portal

Learn about the new ShulCloud Member Portal

Donate via PayPal

Anyone can conveniently donate to Temple Sinai via PayPal, whether you have a PayPal account or not. You can also designate a particular fund to which your donation will be directed. Just click below.


hannaford gift card Hannaford Shoppers!

Purchase Hannaford shopping cards through Temple Sinai and we earn 5% back! Orders will be placed on the 10th of the month. For more information contact our gift card coordinator. Where’s the nearest Hannaford?

Shopping with Scrip is a great way to buy gift cards (EVERYWHERE!) at a discount — and benefit Temple at the same time! Please contact our scrip coordinator to obtain the code needed to sign up.

Leverage your scrip by shopping at Amazon Smile!


Simply login to Amazon Smile by clicking the image above, select Temple Sinai South Burlington, VT and shop.  For each qualifying purchase, 0.5% will be donated to Temple Sinai. Then, anytime you shop at Amazon, just use to log into your Amazon account. Everything else will look the same, but you’ll be supporting Temple Sinai with every purchase! Better still, use your ShopWithScrip gift cards to shop at Amazon Smile!


Commemorative Plaques

Memorial Plaques

Jewish tradition sees memory as a sacred act, allowing us to be inspired by the good in a loved one’s life and live more fully in our own days.  A Memorial Plaque placed in our Sanctuary allows for a permanent remembrance of a loved one, ensuring that their name will be recalled in perpetuity in our congregation.

Memorial Plaques can be added to our Sanctuary Memorial Wall by any Temple Sinai member at any time. For a donation of just $300, a bronze plaque inscribed with the English name (one per plaque) of the departed along with the date of death from both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar will be added to our wall. Each year, the loved one’s name will be read in remembrance on the Shabbat closest to their yahrzeit.

Tree of Life Leaf or Rock

Have you noticed our “Tree of Life” at Temple Sinai?  It is located on the wood-paneled wall in our Main Lobby.  The tree consists of engraved leaves and rocks.  It is a great way to help Temple Sinai raise funds, while while honoring a special person or event in a way that will last for many years to come.  For just $125 per leaf or $600 per rock, you can honor a teacher or special mentor, acknowledge the birth of a new baby, a milestone birthday, wedding, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, or any type of celebration.

Click Here To Order

Planned Giving

One way of giving to the next generation, and to the Jewish people, is by supporting local Jewish communities with planned giving. Be our partner! Working together, we can secure the future of progressive Judaism in northern Vermont l’dor vador, from generation to generation.

We have dedicated a section of our website that describes a variety of options available to allow your generosity to carry on into the future.

Visit our Planned Giving Pages

Donations by check

Naturally, you can mail us a check stop by the Temple Office to make a donation or contact us for more information about how you can donate to Temple Sinai:

Temple Sinai
500 Swift Street
South Burlington, VT  05403



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