Breaking the Back of BDS

Rabbi blog 06 17

In recent days there has been some positive news on the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction against Israel) front.

 In Las Vegas, this month, a meeting of deep pocketed Jews and Jewish organizations took place. The meeting was called by the right-wing Zionist Sheldon Adelson and the left leaning Zionist Haim Saban. Fifty million dollars was raised during the meeting for the purpose of combating the growing BDS movement taking place on America’s college campuses.

And recently in the states of Illinois and South Carolina the legislatures have passed bills making the boycotting of Israel in commerce and business essentially impossible.

The push back against BDS has begun and none too soon. The BDS movement, cloaked in concern for the plight of the Palestinian people, is an Anti-Zionist, Anti-Semitic movement. On the official BDS web-site, where one can read the BDS’s charter, it calls for the demolishing of the Jewish State.

With all the human tragedy that fills our world each and every day there are those, so myopic in their hatred of Israel, that they can see nothing else. Today in the Wall Street Journal it was reported that there are now more human refugees from war torn countries than at any other time in recorded human history!

Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza are the masters of their own fate. The peace table awaits them. All their leaders need to do is show up. The millions of refugees from Syria, Kurdistan and Iraq live without hope. They live in tents. They have no leaders to plea their cause. For them I weep and for them I pray.

In the face of BDS I will speak out. And I will go out of my way to support Israel by finding Israeli products for purchase. I ask you to do the same. Here’s a web-site that you can use to help support this effort:

The truth is so many products the world is presently using comes by way of Israeli entrepreneurship. Here is a short video recently produced on Israel’s innovation in agriculture just one area of phenomenal growth.

We can break the back of BDS. Please get involved. Sign anti-BDS petitions. Contact your legislators. And buy Israeli products.

All the best, Rabbi

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