Sitting on the Bimah

The raised area of the sanctury from which services are conducted, is called the bimah.

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On the bimah is the most sacred place in the sanctuary, the Aron HaKodesh or holy ark, which houses the Torah scrolls. In front of the ark hangs the ner tamid or eternal light, which burns constantly as a reminder of God’s Eternal Presence.

Sitting on the bimah is a great honor. Here at Temple Sinai, we ask members of the Board of Trustees to volunteer taking turns sitting on the bimah.  This provides the congregation with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Board members and their positions on the Temple Board, as well as affording Board members the opportunity to serve during a Shabbat service.  During their time on the bimah, Board members are asked to greet the congregation at the beginning of the service and to read the announcements for the coming week’s events.

If you are a member of the Board of Trustees, please sign up here to serve on the bimah.