Beware – Congregants Targeted by Email Scam

WE HAVE BEEN TARGETED by a nationwide phishing scam using rabbis’ email addresses. The perpetrators pull names of rabbis from websites, create similar (but fake) email addresses using the names of the rabbis, then send out requests for money or gift cards. YOU MAY RECEIVE AN EMAIL THAT APPEARS TO BE FROM OUR RABBI. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE SENDER ADDRESS. One was sent from, and more recently from rabbidavidedleson56@gmail… THESE ARE NOT THE RABBIS REAL EMAIL ADDRESS. MARK SUCH EMAILS AS SPAM AND DO NOT REPLY. If you reply, you will receive a follow up email requesting gift cards, money or personal information. Moreover, you may expose your own personal email address to the spammers, who may share your email address with others of their ilk.

As a matter of policy, we do not display or link personal email addresses on our website. That said, the webmaster cannot control the use of personal email addresses in newsletters or externally created documents that are added to the website. Check the To: address of the email; it is likely to be one of our Temple Sinai aliases, e.g., chaverim@, brotherhood@, etc. Those addresses are easily obtained from the website. The problem is, if you reply to one of these emails using your personal email address, the perpetrators will then have your personal address.

Please note that all our fundraising efforts are publicized temple-wide. Should you receive a monetary request that appears to be from a member of our clergy or staff, please report it to the office immediately. Federal authorities would like us to forward these emails for follow up.


  1. Mark the original and any follow up messages as Spam.
  2. Report the incident to or call 844-SCN-DESK (844-726-3375).
  3. If you have the skills, export the original email, with all its headers to a file on your computer and send it to the above email address. Gmail users can use the instructions below. Other email programs typically have a similar feature.
  4. BE AWARE, BE SUSPICIOUS of any email that appears to be from our rabbi containing an urgent request, or request for money or gift cards. Examine the From address and be sure it it legitimate. If you’re not sure, contact the temple office or our webmaster.
  6. Don’t panic. This does not mean you or the Rabbi have been hacked.


If you use Gmail, and think you have identified a message as illegitimate, follow the procedure below to save all the headers (tracking information normally hidden in an email) along with the text of a message to a file.

  1. Open the message in Gmail. Here’s the one our rabbi received.
  2. Open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner (beside the Reply arrow).
    Location of Gmail menu
  3. Select Download Message
    Downlad Message highlighted in Gmail meny
  4. A dialog box will open, allowing you to save the message with all its headers to a file that ends with “.eml” – save the message to a convenient location.
  5. Create a new email to and attach the file you just saved. Use the paper clip icon in your message composition window to find and attach the file.
  6. Provide some basic information in the body of your message, e.g. received by members of Temple Sinai congregation in So Burlington VT.
  7. Send the message.


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