How to say the Shabbat B’rachot (blessings) on Friday nights

So you want to celebrate Shabbat at home!  How wonderful!  Every family has their own rituals and things they do for Shabbat.  Have fun creating your own.

Some ideas for Friday nights, Kabbalat Shabbat:

  • Make (or order in) a nice meal, something everyone enjoys.  Eat together as a family.  No phones or devices at the table!
  • Hug each other.  Remind each other why you’re all special.  Listen to everyone’s stories of the week.
  • Before eating, say or chant the Shabbat b’rachot (blessings) over the candles, the children, the wine, and the food.

Temple Sinai offers Shabbat Kits for sign out.  You’ll find them in the Religious School Hallway.  If you don’t yet have your own Shabbat gear, please borrow ours!

If you’re unsure of how to do the b’rachot, here are some helpful resources:

Click here to download a printout of the text for the b’rachot

And here are some videos:

The b’rachot are usually done in this order…

1. Candles:
3. Wine:
4. Challah:
Alternate motzi (prayer over challah), good for kids:
* * * * * *
B’rachot for candles, wine, & challah, better for older kids/adults, but does not include blessing for children:
* * * * * *
More info on blessings over kids—bakground & how-to’s:
Have fun!  Hug your kids for me!  And…  SHABBAT SHALOM!