Everything you Need for Young Families Seder

Singing, dancing, fun-filled seder!
Congregants and religious schools students lead!

Sunday, March 28, 4-5 PM
Join the Seder (passcode required)
Call Temple Office (802) 862-5125 for passcode

If you’d like to help lead, there are still parts available:
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Get your Seder Resources here:
View/Download Kids’ Hagadah (PDF)

View/Download Passover Songs (PDF)

If you’d like to participate more fully at home, have the following items ready:

Holiday candles (any will do fine), matches
Matzah–3 pieces piled in the middle of the seder plate
A bowl of salty water
Wine and/or grape juice
Hard boiled egg (some families like to have hard boiled eggs in salt water)
A bone  (I use a plastic sheep)
Cup of wine for Elijah
Cup of water for Miriam
Seder plate (any big plate will work just fine)
Whatever snacks you might need to keep the family engaged!

Charoset–Here’s a basic recipe:

2 C chopped apples
1/2 C chopped nuts
1/2 t cinnamon

2 T sweet wine

Mix together & chill.  You can add in whatever else you like.  The goal is to have a tasty, slightly sticky/gooey concoction that symbolizes the mortar the slaves used when they laid bricks for Pharaoh’s monuments.  Have fun–search online for recipes from all over the world!
Click the “Download the Hagadah” link above for more info.

You need not be a Temple Sinai member to attend the seder!