Outgoing President’s Message

Dear Temple Sinai Members–

Thank you to all those who attended our Annual Meeting on November 22. And thank you for bearing with me for perhaps what was one of our longest meetings on record. We covered a lot of territory; addressed important issues.

I am delighted that we re-elected Rabbi David Edleson to a new five-year term. I am delighted with our new Board Members: our new president, Susan Leff, our new VP of Communications, Michael Rosenberg, and our new trustees Hannah Weiss and David Gladstone, as well as those members who were nominated from the floor and agreed to step up into positions of senior responsibility at Temple — Adam Winter, our new First Vice President, and David Collins and Joel Goldberg, our new Co-Treasurers. I am delighted that the hard work of the Financial Team and the Board as a whole paid off as the budget and all our other recommendations were approved. And I am delighted that both Sisterhood and Brotherhood will have a seat at the “table” at our next Board Meeting.

As the outgoing President, I want to thank everyone for all you have done for our community over the past two years and, especially, during the pandemic. If anything, the pandemic has served to bring us closer together spiritually and emotionally despite social distancing. And the pandemic highlights two facts. One, that we are a treasure; and two: that so many people work so hard to maintain our singular status as a vibrant and creative community.

So thank you to all our members. Thank you to our staff. Thank you to our Board and committees all of whom did such wonderful work. And to all our members, I hope I served you well.

One last thought. If I could characterize the tenor of the Annual Meeting, it really felt like a bit of a celebration: a celebration of our new spiritual leadership; a celebration of our unity of purpose and spirit during the pandemic; a celebration of all the amazing accomplishments we have managed during this time; and a celebration of our future.

Truly, if we could have met in person, my feeling is — what a party our Annual Meeting would have been!

So with plans already forming to have that party, to have that celebration, whether in conjunction with Shavuot or Simchat Torah, or some other event, I look forward to the next time we can share the same space to sing and dance together. Until then ….

Shalom ve l’hitraot,

Doug Marden