Religious School Update from Morah Judy

Shalom Horim/Dear Parents:

I hope everyone had a good New Year. I know some of you heard that my husband, Bruce Chalmer, had a subdural hematoma and landed in the hospital this weekend to have a brain drain. Thank God it went well and he’s home now. It wasn’t how we planned to spend Rosh Hashanah, but, as I recall from one of my emails, I did say man plans and God laughs.

Now I can concentrate on this Thursday. As stated, this week will be a technical run-through to make sure you can get into all the classes. We will be posting the Zoom links on our Temple calendar in addition to your teachers posting them in their Google Classroom and Schoology/ShalomLearning platforms. If ever in doubt, please contact your child’s teacher or me.

For this week only, classes will be for 15 minutes, just to make sure everyone can get in, use the technology, say hi, meet each other, go over the ShalomLearning/Schoology logins, and make sure everything is working. Assembly times will remain the same: same time, same length. All ZOOM meetings are password protected. Religious School families should receive an email with passwords. Please keep these confidential.

This week’s schedule should be as follows:

I do not have all the Zoom links from all the teachers yet. I will send those out once I receive all of the class’s links.

Grade 5-6, please note, Hebrew has not yet been scheduled. I will need to assess the students and then we can plan accordingly because there are quite a few levels in this class.

Questions? You know how to find me.

Gmar Chatimah Tovah, (A good, final seal),

Morah Judy