Religious School Update – September 11, 2020

Shalom Mishpachot/Dear Families:

I can’t believe school begins in less than a week! We’re just about ready – I hope you are too.We will be using Google Meet for our video platform. I believe it’s easier if you have a Google/Gmail account, but not totally necessary. However, you may want to set up a Google account just for this purpose – and ease.

We have also set up Google Classroom. I will be posting all school announcements on the ALL SCHOOL page. Individual teachers may choose to put their own announcements up on their pages. All Religious School families should receive the links via email. You can also contact me for these.

Please note. There are two assemblies; one for the lower school (grades K-3 from 3:30-3:45) and one for the upper school (grades 4-7 from 4:30-4:50). Your child need only attend the pertinent one, or may choose to attend both. Classes have separate links.


Sisterhood was kind enough to give the school a monetary gift. With this money we put together some gift bags for all the children. I will be at Temple on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday (Sept. 13, 14, 15) from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in order that you may pick them up. If none of those times works for you, call or email to arrange an alternate time. Included in the bag is a family Scavenger Hunt. You may want to get a head start so here is a link to it.

Savlanut!Word of the day: Savlanut - Patience

My father used to say that to me quite a lot. It means PATIENCE in Hebrew. I am going to ask all of you for your savlanute as we iron out all the kinks of this strange new school year.

Guaranteed there will be:

  • Confusion with the links and technology
  • A learning curve with the technology
  • Getting used to the new schedule
  • Not being able to get onto your computer
  • Batteries running low or running out
  • And I’m sure a million other things that I cannot even anticipate

On your child’s first day of school, the teachers will walk you through some of the technology that has to do with our new curriculum, ShalomLearning. Heck, I’m still learning it!!!

Kindness… savlanute/patience …not being so hard on ourselves and our kids and/or other family members is key.

If you haven’t registered your child… please do so ASAP. I have submitted our current roster to the folks at ShalomLearning, who will email you your child’s log-in information.

School Registration Information

And, if you know of any families who are interested in our school, please send them to me. We already have six new families in our school!

Have a peaceful Shabbat, and great weekend, and I’ll see you when you come to pick up your gift bags,

Shanah Tovah/Happy New Year,
Morah Judy

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