Passover 2020 Resources & Events

It is strange to be celebrating Passover and liberation from bondage when so many of us are stuck in our homes due to a plague. As I saw on Facebook recently:

Jewish Irony: Passover Cancelled Due to PLAGUE

But let’s also remember that on the night of the first Passover, all the Israelites were stuck in their houses as well. So like our ancestors, we are staying in our homes to retell the story of our going from slavery to freedom and to remind ourselves that in this time when we are all focused so much on the epidemic, the issues of freedom haven’t gone away – they have grown. Around the world, people are still in bondage and slavery, and the issues of poverty, food insecurity, refugees and climate change now have the added threat of Covid-19. It will be hard not to be with our friends and family around the Seder table, but now more than ever, we need to remind ourselves of the values – and challenges – of freedom, and our responsibility as Jews to make sure freedom rings out over the voices of those who call for a Pharoah to save us. We call to God, and the divine spark within each of us that knows that freedom is the oxygen the spirit needs to breathe, and that all of us made in the image of the Divine deserve to be free.

Seders and Special Programs

Passover Song Links

A Passover Playlist

A YouTube playlist of Passover songs, many of them a capella parodies of popular songs, and some more recent tunes you might like.

Songs we often sing at Seder

Vehi She’amda: Traditional Ashkenazi

Taken from the album “Passover Songs”

Vehi She’amda: Y. Razel Tune

Zion Dahan – Hayom Project

HaLachma Anya

Rabbi David Edleson

Chasal Siddur Pesach: Sephardic

Chasal Siddur Pesach/ L’Shana Haba’a · Deborah Katchko-Gray

Chasal Siddur Pesach: Ashkenazic

Chasal Sidur Pesach / L’shana Haba’a · Cindy Paley & Ann Brown (2009)

Avadim Hayinu

Rabbi David Edleson

Ozi V’Zimrat Yah

Ozi v’zimrat Yah va’yehi li li’shu’ah • My strength and God’s song – Mishkan Chicago, From the Song at the Sea. Tune adapted from Shefa Gold.


Karaoke with Jason Mesches

Chad Gad Ya

Karaoke video by Jason Mesches

Echad Mi Yodea

Music by Tractor’s Revenge

Online Haggadot

Especially for Kids

PJ Library Passover – a great site with lots of videos and ‘how-to’s for kids.

HAGGADAH Coloring Book – great for all ages!

JewBoston Passover Activities for Kids – ready to print and play.

Shira Kline Passover Songs – great fun songs in English.