Updates and Schedule Changes – March 12, 2020

Hello Temple Sinai!

Jewish tradition has some key teachings for what we are living through:

  1. To save a single life is to save an entire world.
  2. Faith, daily prayer and meditation can help us to remain grounded and calm even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty.
  3. Much is out of our control, but we must do what we can to reduce risk of harm to others.
  4. Even when facing difficult challenges, the key is not to be afraid.

As a synagogue, we are doing our best to live up to our tradition, avoiding panic and overreaction, while being responsible for reducing risk. We have been talking daily to Vermont health officials, others synagogues and churches. This morning, based on that information and feedback from staff and board members, we have decided:

  1. ALL SCHOOL, EVENTS AND SERVICES AT TEMPLE SINAI THIS WEEKEND ARE CANCELLED FROM TODAY, THURSDAY, March 11, until TUESDAY, MARCH 17. This includes Friday night and Saturday morning services, Torah Study and our Purim Celebration.
  3. We will be closely following developments and revisit this decision on Monday to make decisions about next week.
  4. WE HAVE REPAIRED OUR STREAMING SERVICE AND UPGRADED OUR CONFERENCING CAPACITY so we can stream services and hold meetings using web conferencing using ZOOM, so that the business of the congregation can continue without putting people at risk. Please check for emails and web updates about online discussions, classes, and even services.
  5. Since we can’t celebrate Purim together, we will have an online “Torah Study” of the Book of Esther, its funny, moving, and disturbing parts and consider how humor and revenge-fantasies play a role in how humans cope with existential threats. It is very timely so look for the links for that.

You will soon receive a more detailed email with more information, but I wanted to share these highlights with you now. What matters most is to love and support one another, take what actions we can to stay well, and let go of what is not in our control.



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