Assignment Week 5 – Shabbat

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  • HURWITZ – Chapter 5-7 pp 97-171 (I know, this is a lot of reading, so if you need to just read one thing, read Chapter 7.)
  • HONORING TRADITION – Calendar and Shabbat 65-95
  • HESCHEL THE SABBATH – first part



  • RESPONSA RADIO: Can I attend theater on Shabbat?
    (this podcast will use a good bit of Jewish legal jargon; don’t get hung up that but listen to how Shabbat is thought about in traditional Jewish law.)


This coming Shabbat (Friday night to Saturday night), do something to make is a “palace in time” and a day of rest. Consider lighting candles and spending some quiet time relaxing with them; turning off your phone for a chunk of the day; not doing paid-work for that day; try to avoid errands, cleaning, etc; go out into nature and capture a sense of ‘radical amazement’; pray or go to services. It is up to you, but try and do something to make the day a day of rest and spiritual reflection.

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