November’s Here!

Shalom Horim:

We are now in the Hebrew month of Heshvan, often called “Mar” or “Bitter” Heshvan, because there are no holidays in the month. Having come off the month of Tishrei, in which there seem to be an endless supply of holidays, Heshvan can seem downright non-celebratory, or as I like to think of it, very restful.

But … we do have quite a bit going on here this month. This Saturday is the first of our Whole School Services for the school year.  Please join us, at 10 a.m. for a musical morning of song and prayer.


Value of the Month

Our value this month is Kibud Av V’Em, Honoring One’s Parents, or Ancestors

What does it mean to honor one’s parents? Why does the commandment say “honor” rather than “love”?

One of the projects our school is doing is compiling a family tree and family stories. Each child will go home with a Family Tree template – feel free to use this or if you’d like, you may download one of your own. Help your child in filling it out, with names (and you may include pictures) of family members. It would also be wonderful if your child could interview a family member and ask about a time when this member exemplified a Jewish value. All these family trees and stories will be compiled into a book. Some to consider, but not limited to:

  • Welcoming Guests (Hachnasat Orchim)
  • Honoring One’s Parents/Ancestors (Kibud Av v’Em)
  • Doing the Right Thing (Derech Eretz)
  • Guarding Your Tongue (Shmirat HaLashon)
  • Do Not Destroy the Environment (Bal Tashchit)
  • Righteousness and Charity (Tzedakah)
  • Do Not Oppress the Stranger (Al Tilchatz)
  • Ahavat Tzion (Love of Israel)


Letter of the Week

Hebrew Letter gimmel


Our letter this week is Gimmel.

Stop by our bulletin board and see how many gimmel words you know.

Bulletin Board Gimmel

Don’t forget, for the little ones, we have a Tot Shabbat on November 15, which is also the date that our 7-8 Grade class is going to UVM to prepare dinner, attend a Hillel service, and dine with the students.

Kol tuv,

Morah Judy