Assignment Week 1

TOPIC:  What is Judaism?  Who are the Jewish people?

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  • HURWITZ     Introduction  pp ix-xxxi;   Chapter 1  pp 3-28
  • HONORING TRADITION   pp 5-18; 35-46
  • GENESIS  1:1 – 4:26


PEOPLE OF POD       Sept 19, 2019

Minutes   10:12 – 25:45  (Interview with Sarah Hurwitz)



In Judaism,  rest is not simply “not doing anything” but a purposeful, conscious positive action and commandment.  This week, in order to get a personal sense of that, I want you to take five minutes, sometime around sunset this Friday evening.  Quiet your surroundings,  turn off the phone, the TV, the stove.   Light a candle if that reels right.  Mostly simply deliberately stop doing things, breathe and “rest on purpose.”   Then, write in your journal about what deliberate rest might reflect about human nature in Judaism.