Religious School Weekly Update – October 10, 2019

This week is brought to you by the letter DALET.

Hebrew letter Dalet

Some Dalet words

Dvash – Honey – דְ בש

Delet – Door – דֶלֶת

Degel – Flag – דֶגֶל

Dahg – Fish (also the Temple Sinai Rock Band!)דָג

This Sunday  our 7-8 Grade Chai Group is heading to the Living Tree Alliance Farm to learn about Sukkot. On October 17 our Torah Chanting class begins for the 6th Grade class, adults are welcome to join. And on the 20th, at 5:30, we have a fun Simchat Torah celebration where we Consecrate our newest students, dance with the Torah, and have a jolly good time!

Learn to Read Hebrew!

Have you always wanted to learn to read Hebrew but never had the chance? Or it’s been so long you can’t tell an Aleph from a Bet?

Starting October 17, from 7:-8:30 pm, this 8-10 week class will have you reading Hebrew after the first 10 minutes.

No fee. Call 802-862-5125 or email Judy Alexander to register.