Weekly Email – April 9, 2019

Hello Temple Sinai!
I am sorry I’ve been away two Shabbats in a row, but the JCVT Summit was outstanding and I’m glad I was able to lead services and a Torah Study at the Shabbaton, and participate in some great workshops on Sunday. Congratulations to Susan Leff on the success of the summit!

PASSOVER is coming up, so register ASAP (by 5:00pm TODAY) to come to our Community Seder. I am going to do my best to make it fun, meaningful, and participatory. This year, in the name of intergenerational cooperation, I want to ask all of our members who are retired to sing “Mah Nishtanah” along with the youngest ones. CLICK HERE for the link so you can practice.

And speaking of Passover, on Sunday, from 11am-3pm, we will be getting the play room ready, so the younger ones can enjoy it when they tire of the Seder. And from 4pm-6pm, we will learn to sing some of the Passover songs to help make your Seder and our Community Seder more song-filled and harmonious. If you like to sing, or play an instrument, come join us!

April 9 2019 Email