Weekly Message – November 14, 2018

Hello Temple Sinai,

This week’s email has TWO main topics – the services this Shabbat and some music for the Installation Service on November 30.


‘’TOT” SHABBAT – This week, we will have our first “TOT SHABBAT”, which at Sinai will mean a service geared to children 10 and under and their families (not just ‘tots’). The service will begin at 5:30pm, include some simple songs, a few prayers, a children’s blessing, Israeli dancing and “S’Torah-telling” around the Torah. The service will end by 6:15pm. Please let your friends with younger children know!

I know I have changed Sinai’s services a good deal, so this week, we will have an “old-school” Sinai service with cantor, keyboard/piano, and music you are used to. Our goal is to have these once a month if attendance is good. If you grew up in a classic Reform Temple, have been missing the keyboard/piano, or find guitar services a bit too informal, this service is for you.

SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE (Shacharit) 9:30-10:30 am
Join us for the growing morning Shabbat minyan, offering a lovely one-hour chanted (mostly in Hebrew) Shabbat morning service.

TORAH STUDY – 10:30am -12noon
This week we read VAYEITZEI , Genesis 28:10-32:3 , in which Jacob’s ladder to heaven appears in a dream, and then Jacob meets Rachel, works for Laban, gets tricked, marries Leah, then Rachel. Leah and Rachel give birth to their children that become the TWELVE TRIBES. Then the family flees back toward Canaan. We will consider both Jacob’s ladder, and then focus on the concept of economic fairness, and how Laban’s treatment of Jacob mirrors some of the ways employers today treat their workers. Bring friends – No prior knowledge is needed!

My Installation will be on November 30, and I’m getting excited about all the plans and the service we are creating. The theme is “REKINDLE,” and will include images from the revitalization of the temple at the first Hanukkah. I wanted to go ahead and share some of the songs we will do, so if you get a chance and want to listen to them, you can.

See you there!