Weekly Message – November 1, 2018

Hello Temple Sinai,

3 hands cupping a tea candle

’Tis a fearful thing to
what death can touch.
A fearful thing
to love, to hope, to
dream, to be –
to be,
And oh, to lose.
A thing for fools, this,
And a holy thing,
a holy thing
to love….

The massacre at Congregation Tree of Life in Pittsburgh has shown us how fearful it is to love, but also that our love for one another, our connections are holy thing. We are the holy fools who refuse to be defeated, refuse to turn our back on our people and our tradition even in the face of all we have endured. I am always proud to be a Jew, but never more than when we come together in the face of tragedy and anti- semitism to reaffirm who we are.

#ShowUpForShabbat Kabbalat Shabbat—Friday, 6:30pm

I had planned to be away this Friday night and Bruce Hicken and the Folk Shabbat musicians had kindly agreed to lead services. Then Pittsburgh happened, and it seems clear that we should be together this Shabbat. Now, the American Jewish Committee is calling for an international Shabbat of solidarity, #ShowUpForShabbat, asking Jews who don’t usually come, and non-Jews that want to show solidarity, to come to a Shabbat service. We are sending flyers to local churches, and please feel free to share the attached flyer with anyone you think might be interested. It will be a special service of comfort, resolve, and renewal. The sermon will be “Am Yisrael Chai” the “People Israel Lives.” One song we will be singing is a new song by Nefesh Mountain, written after the massacre in honor of those at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh.

SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE (Shacharit)—Saturday, 9:30-10:30 am

Join us for the growing morning Shabbat minyan, offering a lovely one-hour chanted (mostly in Hebrew) Shabbat morning service.

TORAH STUDY —Saturday, 10:30am -12noon Chayei Sarah

This week we read Chayei Sarah, Genesis 23:1-25:18, in which Sarah dies, Abraham
remarries, and Isaac marries Rebecca. The story of Abraham sending his servant to
find a wife for Isaac, and his success, reads like a beautiful novella, and Rebecca
stands out as a woman who is caring but also has a strong sense of agency. Bring
friends – No prior knowledge is needed!



For my installation on November 30, I want to revive our choir, and need your help. We will only need to work on a few songs, and some of those will be very familiar. We will be having rehearsals on the two Tuesdays before the Installation, Nov 20 and Nov 27. Let Mark know if you can make it. I plan to make this fun.


I will be sending an email to my ukulele list, but I am hoping we can play for the “warm up” number for my Installation. We will be playing “Hinei Mah Tov” by Nefesh Mountain. If you aren’t on the list and are interested, let me know! We’ll have a couple of times to practice closer to the date, and I’ll be sending chord sheets along in the next day or so.


We need underwear in children’s sizes, coats for children and adults, so if you haven’t already given, please do so this week!


If you are on Facebook, please click below to “Like” Temple Sinai. For all the problems with Facebook, it is among the easiest ways to get information out fast to the community, and to share videos, events, and other materials. Judy, Michael, and David Punia have been doing a great job of maintaining our page, so it would be great to see 100 likes!